GyL Synths VST Repository

This site provides simplified access to the excellent "GyL Synths" collection of free VST plug-ins provided by Gyovai László.

This site is structured in a special way, to facilitate one-step automated download and installation using the free VST Manager program. See below under the heading "Open Source" for how this is done, by adding just one file called store.csv in the site's root directory.

A new VST manager tool called OwlPlug is also supported. OwlPlug requires a file in JSON format; the URL for this is

The GyL Synths collection

Name Description
4TO2 Dual layer, 2x2 osc VA
Add Fifth Additive VA
Adder Additive VA
Addtractive Dual wavetable, unison VA
Angel Random/hand-draw wavetable, FM, Unison, matrix arp
Baze-2 Dual sequenced 3 osc rhythm machine
BRA1NSHAK3R Kick drum sounds
Braiz 3 osc VA
Chorde 2 osc chord player VA
CombOsc 2 comb filtered osc VA
Constructor Dual-osc wavetable synth
Creatyn Dual-osc wavetable/additive synth
Dessert 2 osc ring mod VA
Dessert Cream Wavetable osc + graphic EQ VA
Dessert Seq 2 osc VA + sequencer
Drag-On 4 op. FM / VA, arpeggiator, trans gate
Dual Synthesizer
Dualism Dual layer Additive/X-mod VA
Duello 1.0 Dual layer wavedraw VA
DuMax Dual layer semi-modular wavetable
Element Dual layer VA
FMer Dual Wavetable VA with FM
Gobi Dual Wavetable VA with FM
Kentaur 2 classic osc + additive + wavedraw VA, 2 graphic multistage envelopes
Marsaut SE Dual wavemorph VA with parametricic EQ
Marsaut TE Dual wavemorph VA with graphic EQ
Marsaut Dual wavemorph VA with graphic EQ
MIDI-mal Tool for playing with Microsoft GS Wavetable synth
MiniBull Minitaur inspired 2 osc VA with ringmod/FM
Morphin Dual wavetable morphing VA
Morphonic Auto Auto-generated wavetables with modulated morph
Morphonic Manual Manually generated wavetables with modulated morph
Morphonic Shaper Dual morhing oscillators
MultiWave Dual wavetable VA with graphic EQ
Orch Phase modulation synth
Pluto Dual Wavetable VA with modulated FM + Formant pad, unison
Primo Hold Dual layer VA, FM, ring, matrix arp, unison
RandAdd Random additive VA
Random Combo 2 osc VA, PWM LFO, multi saw
Sahara Dual wavetable osc, sequencer
Saturn Dual layer, dual wavetable morph, EQ, trans gate, matrix arp, unison
SETri Dual layer, 3 osc, unison, PWM, phase dist, 3 dedicated LFO+ADSR
Trancer Dual super saw VA
UniMix 4x5 saw VA, graphic EQ
UnisArpCkl 2 osc wavetable constructing VA, step LFO, unison, arpeggiator - reworked from C. Hackl
UniSaw 2x7 saw VA, graphic EQ
Vizual Synth Dual layer wavetable VA, 2x3 graphic multistage envelopes
WaveFlex FBG-1 VERY complex & capable
WaveMaker Dual layer wavetable constructing VA, reworked oscillators from C. Hackl
WaveMatrix Wavetable VA, mod matrix


Open Source

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