Phase modulation synth

Notes from Gyovai László

Orch 32 & 64 bit (would mean: half orchestra - OK, not really...) is here!

Didn't want to leave it for the last minute - a small gift under your Christmas Tree. :-) Some weeks ago wanted to try how the waveform changes, if it's phase is modulated by an other osc, running on the same frequency (phase distortion?), Made a test program, then added more components: the wave blending (morph-like) oscs from Marsaut TE, a simple, but useful filter (multi-mode, 12/24 db/oct), a new "stereo" delay to the usual echo (mono) and ping-pong versions, many local modulations,...

First time used the dual midi to poly solution, which allowed the use of independent arpeggiators/sequencers, glide/portamento, mono/poly mode, pitch bend ranges and so.

Found a new possibility on the Flowstone 64 bit alpha group, which allows the GUI size change in real time (see the selector at the right-bottom corner). From 50% to 200% in 10% steps, like in the u-he plugins and others.

Forgot to mention, that Orch was made completly in the FS 64 bit alpha, so there are 32 bit and 64 bit dlls as well and the one fxb soundbank usable in both. At me OK - if it doesn't work at you, just delete as usually, there are much bette ones from others.

The bottom "7saw" oscillator partly came from Rex's synth, but with some own mods to simplify - surely his one is better.

Originally wanted to add a global mod LFO, but found that only worked with 1-2 modules (maybe the independent midi to poly caused), so deleted. The GUI was quite complete, so had only a small place here. Finally added a modulated formant filter (Acrobatics, Martin Vicanek and others developed), but it still was too big. Revorked and simplified the interface (no vowel selectors in the corners, no x-y pad), but kept the 2 local, free running LFOs. Now there is a not synchronised speed knob. 2 knobs for the x and y LFO depths and a simple 5 step selector to change the y/x LFO speed in fixed ratios. The 4th knob allows to mix the original saw or noise wave to the formant. The unison saw sounds like a string ensemble, while the formant adds the choir sound.

The upper oscs got an octave-up (0-1-2) LED selector to broaden the possibilities - actually it works like a simple 2 op FM synth with a dedicated ADSR, which can modulate the FM depth or the pitch.

Found a new solution to the note HOLD button. By a sustain modul it can hold not only 1 note but chords too. Activate it and press some keys. Or others to change the holded notes. Switch it off if want to finis the holding.

Yesterday found that the LFOs jump over the 1/24 speed, what today repaired and now changed the osc and Filter LFOs to free running. It allows the long, LFO based pitch and cutoff modulations, while the midi based arp/seqs are running. Hopefully more useful than the previous poly version, which retriggered on every seq notes. Re-checked the yesterday posted presets and modified some of them.

What can be disturbing ("known bug"), that preset selection from the host/daw possibly doesn't work, but OK when you use the GUI's preset selector (reworked the interface, maybe nicer than the stock). At me both the drop-down menu and the up-down arrows changes well the presets, but SaviHost cannot.

It rested for weeks (worked on 1-2 other new synths...), because had problems with the exported plugin. After preset loading my usual knobs not reflected the saved state, though the sound was that, what saved. Seems I could solve this knob problem, but not the external program change. Not excluded, that it is my fault, but still not found the reason.

Some days ago visited the Flowstone 64 alpha channel and at the latest FS 64 bit upload was written by Mike Menz: it is my 5th attempt to make working the wireless connections. Just hoping that it is the source of the bug(s). If I'll find the solution, will upload a newer version.

There were 2 vector based horizontal sliders to set the keyboard ranges. I liked it, but couldn't solve the preset reloading problem here too - finally replaced by 2 knobs and 2-2 displays. This module allows to use max 3 ranges: 1 for the bottom part, 1 for the upper and 1 layered. Default mode is the layering all over the octaves, but you can change it.

Found 2 different signing for the MIDI values: one says that note 0 is C-1, the other that it is C-2. I used the latter, hope not disturbing if you know the other version - sorry!

Removed the preset saving from the knob selector and the GUI size selector. Now it should keep them independently of the selected presets. When you start the plugin (new session), just change the size and the knobs if prefer some different than the default and hopefully it remains in that state.

What else? Heaven knows...

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