Dual-osc wavetable/additive synth

Notes from Gyovai László

Here is the earlier shown new synth. I wanted to share it before our vacation - hope it works and usable. Spring-time experimented with some new features: bar modulations, looper, pitch-shifting, reworked deeply the multi-tap delay inside, free waveform LFOs,...

Haven’t touched it since about June, now had a bit time and made those mods, what planned earlier. Created 16 new patches to test it - some are interesting, some less, but the best will be those what you create for yourself - as always. If you want to make new patches, can be a good idea to save your favorite initial or performance settings into a "template" .fxp file and load it when start the patching - if don't like my initial values. If like, normally enough to click on the Init button. Eventually later can make a multi effect plugin with own preset manager or individual effects, if you like these new ones and would like to use them with your other synths. Don’t know the looper how useful - that could be an independent VST too, if somebody needs.

Try & Have fun! :-)

Main features:


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