Tool for playing with Microsoft GS Wavetable synth

MIDI-mal, a new toy for you... or for your children. :-)

It is a midi-in / midi-out device, has no internal sound generator! It works fine in SaviHost (set the MIDI out to Microsoft GS Wavetable synth). I could load it in MuLab somehow and played the melody what I made, but couldn't figure out how to record it. Maybe not possible in a DAW, but I'm not an expert... The only way what I found, was to record the sound in mp3 or wav with Cinch Audio Recorder. It can save everything, what goes through the soundcard (useful for saving any sounds from the web).

Some years ago I tried the General MIDI Keyboard from Hermann Seib (creator of VST Host, SaviHost) and liked the MIDI sounds because were better than my Casio MA-120. This week made something similar, what can send MIDI messages to the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth, which is part of every Windows system. It has downgraded samples from the Roland Canvas synth. The lag can be problem and there are much better quality options today (Kontakt, SFZ or SF2 soundfont players,...) but it is always there in your machine. So made a program with 4 layers, independent tuning, level, keyboard range selecting + added a little routable arpeggiator / sequencer.

You can make layered sounds, assign different timbres for keyboard zones, make 1 fingered chords,...

It has a new knob changing option - resave the preset to keep the preferred knob for the actual patch.

16 quick patches are included to help you get the idea.

An advice: don't change the tuning while press a key, it can cause stuck note (midi on-off data corrupts).

As always: if doesn't work, just delete it - not a serious program, made for fun.


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