Additive VA

Taking a next step in history, arrives Adder.

I was curious to see how the actual output waveform changes in an additive synth, so made a simple trial one in the Spring on a weekend afternoon. The factory module contained 128 harmonics and the GUI was really wide. I wanted to use only 16 bars so changed the bar number. But when raised only the 1st bar, it showed a rippled sine wave and the sound reflected this too. Started to investigate the schematics deeply with scopes and poly-readout windows, I found a very scientific component and supposed that it causes something un-desirable. Cut it out and my 1st bar wave changed to sine! Wow! Maybe it works now technically incorrectly, but what you see on the waveshape display, that goes to the synth's remaining part.

Worked a bit on the change following at wave display and the VST firstly not recorded/read well the created wave, but finally worked somehow everything. I've made 1-2 trial patch and stepped forward to a new synth.

After releasing the Marsaut on VST Planet, joined to my group Kujashi. We started mailing and he noted me that made some patches for Adder. Wow, great news! Any serious change in the schematic can destruct the existing patches in an .fxb bank file, so I made some cosmetic changes on the GUI and had no other possibilities to make it more flexible.

Kujashi finished the bank and made a great demo music too and I sent it to VST Planet. Aleksandar made a video about it on the Planet channel. Despite its simple construction, seems quite popular. It is my 2nd most viewed synth on Planet... I uploaded it with my near to empty bank file, but check it at Kujashi too, he will upload his bank with the demo music too!

Enjoy it, if works... 😄



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