4TO2,Gyovai László,4TO2,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer| 2x2 osc VA,
Add Fifth,Gyovai László,Add Fifth,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Additive VA,
Adder,Gyovai László,Adder,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Additive VA,
Addtractive,Gyovai László,Addtractive,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual wavetable| unison VA,
Angel,Gyovai László,Angel,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Random/hand-draw wavetable| FM| Unison| matrix arp,
Baze-2,Gyovai László,Baze-2,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual sequenced 3 osc rhythm machine,
BRA1NSHAK3R,Gyovai László,BRA1NSHAK3R,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Kick drum sounds,
Braiz,Gyovai László,Braiz,,Instrument|Synthesizer,3 osc VA,
Chorde,Gyovai László,Chorde,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2 osc chord player VA,
CombOsc,Gyovai László,CombOsc,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2 comb filtered osc VA,
Constructor,Gyovai László,Constructor,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual-osc wavetable synth,
Creatyn,Gyovai László,Creatyn,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual-osc wavetable/additive synth,
Dessert,Gyovai László,Dessert,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2 osc ring mod VA,
Dessert Cream,Gyovai László,Dessert Cream,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Wavetable osc + graphic EQ VA,
Dessert Seq,Gyovai László,Dessert Seq,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2 osc VA + sequencer,
Drag-On,Gyovai László,Drag-On,,Instrument|Synthesizer,4 op. FM / VA| arpeggiator| trans gate,
Dual,Gyovai László,Dual,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Synthesizer,
Dualism,Gyovai László,Dualism,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer Additive/X-mod VA,
Duello 1.0,Gyovai László,Duello 1.0,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer wavedraw VA,
DuMax,Gyovai László,DuMax,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer semi-modular wavetable,
Element,Gyovai László,Element,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer VA,
FMer,Gyovai László,FMer,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual Wavetable VA with FM,
Gobi,Gyovai László,Gobi,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual Wavetable VA with FM,
Kentaur,Gyovai László,Kentaur,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2 classic osc + additive + wavedraw VA| 2 graphic multistage envelopes,
Marsaut SE,Gyovai László,Marsaut SE,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual wavemorph VA with parametricic EQ,
Marsaut TE,Gyovai László,Marsaut TE,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual wavemorph VA with graphic EQ,
Marsaut,Gyovai László,Marsaut,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual wavemorph VA with graphic EQ,
MIDI-mal,Gyovai László,MIDI-mal,,Effect|Midi,Tool for playing with Microsoft GS Wavetable synth,
MiniBull,Gyovai László,MiniBull,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Minitaur inspired 2 osc VA with ringmod/FM,
Morphin,Gyovai László,Morphin,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual wavetable morphing VA,
Morphonic Auto,Gyovai László,Morphonic Auto,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Auto-generated wavetables with modulated morph,
Morphonic Manual,Gyovai László,Morphonic Manual,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Manually generated wavetables with modulated morph,
Morphonic Shaper,Gyovai László,Morphonic Shaper,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual morhing oscillators,
MultiWave,Gyovai László,MultiWave,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual wavetable VA with graphic EQ,
Orch,Gyovai László,Orch,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Phase modulation synth,
Pluto,Gyovai László,Pluto,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual Wavetable VA with modulated FM + Formant pad| unison,
Primo Hold,Gyovai László,Primo Hold,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer VA| FM| ring| matrix arp| unison,
RandAdd,Gyovai László,RandAdd,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Random additive VA,
Random Combo,Gyovai László,Random Combo,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2 osc VA| PWM LFO| multi saw,
Sahara,Gyovai László,Sahara,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual wavetable osc| sequencer,
Saturn,Gyovai László,Saturn,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer| dual wavetable morph| EQ| trans gate| matrix arp| unison,
SETri,Gyovai László,SETri,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer| 3 osc| unison| PWM| phase dist| 3 dedicated LFO+ADSR,
Trancer,Gyovai László,Trancer,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual super saw VA,
UniMix,Gyovai László,UniMix,,Instrument|Synthesizer,4x5 saw VA| graphic EQ,
UnisArpCkl,Gyovai László,UnisArpCkl,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2 osc wavetable constructing VA| step LFO| unison| arpeggiator - reworked from C. Hackl,
UniSaw,Gyovai László,UniSaw,,Instrument|Synthesizer,2x7 saw VA| graphic EQ,
Vizual Synth,Gyovai László,Vizual Synth,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer wavetable VA| 2x3 graphic multistage envelopes,
WaveFlex FBG-1,Gyovai László,WaveFlex FBG-1,,Instrument|Synthesizer,VERY complex & capable,
WaveMaker,Gyovai László,WaveMaker,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Dual layer wavetable constructing VA| reworked oscillators from C. Hackl,
WaveMatrix,Gyovai László,WaveMatrix,,Instrument|Synthesizer,Wavetable VA| mod matrix,



The store.csv data file is like a simple database with one table. It's a simple text file (preferably using the UTF-8 encoding, which allows you to use e.g. accented characters). The first line is a list of "column names" separated by commas. Subsequent lines are comma-separated lists of values for each column; these correspond to individual records in a database.

The meaning of the columns is as follows:

nameName of the VST
creatorWho created/published it
folderFolder name (see below)
urlLink to download URL
tagsList of descriptive tags separated by stile ("pipe") characters
descShort description of VST in a few words
refurlLink to creator's original page, for more information

Each download url (in the url column) should link to a downloadable .zip file, which contains exactly one folder, whose name is given in the folder column. Everything the VST needs to run (32-bit and/or 64-bit .dll files, .fxb/.fxp patch files, etc.) should be inside that one folder.

The store.csv should live in the web site's top-level folder, so that it can be accessed via the url http://site_name/store.csv.

Following these conventions exactly ensures that the VstMgr program can be used to simplify the process of downloading, installing, updating, or uninstalling your VSTs.