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My name is Shane Dunne. I'm a software- and technology-development consultant based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. My professional web site is at

This site exists to support my non-commercial work in open-source software development. My open-source projects are hosted at GitHub, which offers great features for hosting source code, but more limited support for documentation. This wiki is powered by the excellent DokuWiki system, which was developed specifically for technical documentation.


Audio/Music programming

  • UNIFY – my first commercial audio app and plug-in!
    • (Parts of this are open-source. I will be opening more parts on GitHub over the next few months.)
  • AudioKit – an open-source macOS/iOS audio framework I contribute to
  • The NetVST Project – making VST plugins work across a network and on Macs.

Audio with JUCE

Coding Practices

Graphics and Image Processing

  • Voxvu – an interactive voxel visualization program for Windows

Web and Tablet

  • Ceili Tunebook – Web and tablet software for managing and viewing traditional Celtic sheet music
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