Synthesizer styled after Yamaha CS-80

This one has caused quite a stir on the internet. Created as a tribute to Patch writer Armin Kujat (who just happens to be a huge Vangelis Fan) Arminator is styled after a famous synth of the 80s and comes packed with patches that show off its potential.

Arminator 1.5 SuperSet, September 7, 2017

This zip contains Arminator v1.5 with a couple of very minor GUI changes, but much more importantly a folder containing four fabulous patch banks from Armin Kujat.

Hopefully you will have seen Armin's separate post with his fantastic demo of a range of sounds from these banks featuring pretty much every sound from Vangelis' output amongst others. One of the banks is the original Factory bank with Volume adjustments and some pitch issues resolved and the superset version of Arminator has this bank as it's standard one.

Furthermore there is another bank containing 128 default init patches for those that want to make their own patches. Many thanks to Armin for his work on this mammoth task and lets not forget the contribution of David Frappazz too.

The folder IW Patches contains 25 additional demo patches developed by Ian Webster.

There is also a bank of 10 patches contributed by Barry Tune.

And a bank of wonderful drum patches provided by Павел Лагутин.


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